Here are what some people have to say about Antique Pink Cadillac.

If you’re looking for something cool and unique to cruise around safely in while you’re wine tasting in Temecula, look no further. Sergio and his pink Caddy limo are something special that you will never forget.
— Geoffrey L. from Yelp

Geoffrey L. with Sergio Weingarten and his wife Anita.

My friends and I went on a wine tasting tour with Sergio Weingarten and his wife Anita. They are the most genuine, beautiful people you’ll ever meet...
— Cheryl H. from Yelp
Do you know Sergio? Have you been on his wine tour? Ever ridden in his pink caddy? Well, if you have said yes to any of these questions, I ask you to please share your experience on this page. If you have said no, well then, I encourage you to, BOOK NOW.
— Michelle W. via Facebook

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